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circles that the liberal obama administration created an atmosphere where far left zealots in the irs were basically unsupervised. they could do what they want. that's a hard charge to prove but, there is no question that mr. obama's administration is ideological. thus, suspicions run deep. today, mr. obama pledged a big irs clean-up. >> we will be putting in new leadership that will be able to make sure that following up on the i.g. audit, that we gather up all the facts that he we hold accountable those that have taken these outrageous actions. >> of course, the president had to say that what's he going to say i'm not going to do anything? i'm not going to fix it. i don't care. he had to say that again, there is suspicion because after 8 months the benghazi deal still has not been fixed. today the president fell back on an old canard. >> i'm calling on congress to work with us to support and fully fund our budget requests to improve the security of our embassies around the world. >> bill: you may remember that senator barbara boxer and other democrats blamed benghazi on the fact that rep
the white house. why our first read team says at this point, even baseless charges against the obama administration may be easier to stick. rough day. there was this and this. she got a parking ticket... ♪ and she forgot to pay her credit card bill on time. good thing she's got the citi simplicity card. it doesn't charge late fees or a penalty rate. ever. as in never ever. now about that parking ticket. [ grunting ] [ male announcer ] the citi simplicity card is the only card that never has late fees, a penalty rate, or an annual fee, ever. go to to apply. >>> benghazi, the irs and now the a.p. our first read team notes three makes it harder going on to say the rule of three means the president's credibility is truly on the line right now. with the public. no amount of denial or outrage will be as persuasive to the public and the president's political foes know it. joining me, senior political editor mark murray. go into detail on what you mean by that. >> that has to do with the fact that there is now a full-on media feeding frenzy going on. when you are just d
the country understands and obama has nothing to do with this. what congress ought to be doing instead of making these wild charges, what these republicans in congress ought to be doing is focusing on things like jobs, immigration, education, things that really matter on people's lives. >> maybe that's what they don't want to focus on. chris, let me go back to you. could this ultimately, this obsession that congressman cleaver talks about, could this ultimately end up back firing on the republicans? are they overjumping the runway here? >> i would think that would be justice if it did happen. if they did keep saying the president was involved in this. they can say fairly and authoritatively, it is his job to fix it. i'll tell you, reverend, one piece of this thing that we have to keep in mind as we deal with effective government, and those of us who believe in effective positive government have to be the ones to make it work. the right wing loves it when they screw up because it makes their case. the reasonable people will say i need the government. not just to protect me. i need it to
got a promotion from the obama administration. she's now in charge of administering obamacare. translation. miss ingram, we couldn't trust you handling our money issues, so we're going to put you in charge of handling our health issues. the optic social security bad enough, but this could be deadly. >> i want to have a life like this and get $103,000 and a bonus. bring it now. b where can ion sign up for this? target americans on american policies and get a you get to run obamacare and you get money extra for it. i mean, this is about as absurd as susan rice becoming the headc what, of national security advisor? that's the next one. >> show me -- prove me that this whole group proved they're biased against conservatives in the irs. show mere they're not going to do the same thing withves obamacare. >> i would be surprised if thir woman had this job in another month. >> are you calling for her firing? >> i think that wo if i were in. position to do so, given the story and given the fact she was overseeing this issue, that it would be raised so many questions about ob
back, more crises for the obama administration. the battle over benghazi and charges that the irs targeted i'll ask what it all means for the white house. >>> how many battles can the obama administration fight at one time? the seizure of reporters' phone records, cover-up allegations over benghazi and the irs allegedly targeting tea party groups. the president sounded defiant and angry and promised answers. joining me now is maryland democrat, elijah cummings, ranking member of the house committee on oversight and government reform. welcome to you, congressman. let me ask you straight away, are you as appalled by this story as i am? >> yeah, it is very upsetting, but i think, piers, we're going to have to see what more there is to this story. i just read it a few minutes ago. i think we're going to have to look into it. but it does concern me, as it should concern all of us. >> i mean, 20 phone lines, maybe 100 journalists, over a two-month period, every call they made, logged and recorded. that is just outrageous. >> again, i want to see exactly, you know, a little bit more info
they had in knowledge of the tactics after reading a new report president obama calls the tactics intolerable. >> a san jose high school student is under arrest this morning charged with stabbing another student on the school bus. police say it happened when a fight broke out on the bus yesterday afternoon. sky 7 was over the scene and you can see the bus stopped at the intersection. police say the injured students wounds are not life threatening. >> san francisco's board of education will meet to review sending final lay off notices to dozens of public school employees, which face layoffs, 105 of them, and 70 are teachers and 35 are administrative and office positions down from march when 200 preliminary lay off notices were sent out. the superintendent says there are budget shortfalls but many positions are being eliminated because they are no longer needed. >> negotiations will resume between the union representing 800 concession workers at at&t park and the giants concessions. the workers authorize add strike approving the vote at 97 percent support. the union leadership to ca
is going to be, who's now in charge of implementing obama care, is going to stay in that job for very long, now that this has been revealed. there is a broader question here. even if you believe that this targeting was basically carried out by frontline employees in the cincinnati office, a lot of reason to believe it was much broader than that, if you do, you look at the timeline and the series of middle managers working their way up the totem pole, learned that this had happened and was going on. yet, they see their agency deny it to congress. no one came forward as a whistle blower. so many people knew this had happened and no one had the integrity to come forward and correct the record. so you have to worry about the entire culture, i think, and integrity of the irs. >> that's a great point. >> okay. john meacham in nashville, as we look at this story with all the different angles and reporters covering it, can you put it in historic perspective for us. as we're looking at it close up right now, as we back up does this not stand out in history as such a big scandal or does it? >> well,
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the conservatives is now been placed in charged of the obama care. >> obama care. >> unit. responsible for dealing with people's information. so that is a little chilling. and lois learner, let's talk about her. she got a lot of press today. why sh nt hasn't she been fired? they owe could you seed her of repeatedly lying to congress. they said she had testified to them recently. she came before congress on wednesday, may 8th and asked in part about these items that we have been -- you know, that the ig was investigating. didn't say anything about them. didn't offer any truthful testimony on those subjects. and then two days later on friday, she now -- now they have admitted planted a question at a public event that she was attending. and had somebody ask her about it and then she comes out and says oh, yeah, we did it. but we didn't do it with any malice. and that we're sorry. >> yeah. it's not part -- she also said and so did miller today. this isn't partisan activity. it's just we were looking at the positions these groups advocated were which sounded partisan to me. that was good. i thought you
in charge of obama care overseeing the health and welfare system. >> alisyn: making sure you comply with obama care as a business. otherwise they will crack down on you and levy fines. >> what is -- how are they to believe that they won't then be targeted? >> alisyn: that is the question. >> tucker: what are you some kind of militia member? you don't trust the government? you don't trust sarah hall ingram to keep your data safe and not crush you if you oppose the president's agenda? >> alisyn: she has impressive pedigree, clayton. she went to undergraduate at yale. she went to law school at georgetown in -- she graduated in 1982 began her career with the irs in the former tax litigation division. that sounds exciting. she was the deputy commission everywhere of the tax exempt government entities division. that's the one that she was in charge of from 2009 to 2012. the tax exempt division, which is where all of these problems cropped up. >> clayton: she got bonuses by the way during the time when this was all unfolding, when they knew about it even during the period you might forget
with the obama care because irs is going to be in charge of enforcing the individual mandate. so you have a lot of republican leaders saying if the irs can't be trusted with disinformation can i trust them with medical records. >> moved to head the division that heads obama care. >> a lot of agendas colliding here on capitol hill. >> we know that the president is going to be out in baltimore today. he was in texas last week. he is going to be talking economy in baltimore today. i am going to read a little bit. the president as usual acts as if all of this is totally unconnected to him. he is shocked. it's unacceptable. but this is his administration. a president sets a mood, a tone. what is the white house strategy on this going forward? >> i think one of the biggest problems with these scandals is it reinforces some of the biggest criticisms you hear from the president's detractors that there is this big brother element. we saw this during the campaign with mitt romney when the 47% thing came out. it reinforced the negative things already said about this administration. that is one of the hard
against is the person running the whole she bang, bush appointee because you guys wouldn't put obama's person in charge. >> stephanie: tucker in twin cities minnesota. grumble. tucker? >> caller: hey, stef. how are you? on the i.r.s. thing why don't we just stop the b.s. tax exemptions. how does a group -- like crossroads and the fact that it was that liberal group the one denied exemption, it is an example of how the conservative groups scare everybody. so you have to be so pure with the conservative groups and the liberal groups if they don't dot every i and cross every t they're the ones that lose their exemptions. >> i think you're absolutely right. you might even go a little -- the easy solution would be let them run as a normal organization, what would an profit-making thing then everything they spend on things that would arguably be considered charitable like every other person does or every individual does, they could count against them and be a nonprofit. they wouldn't end up paying taxes. >> caller: that's one of the questions i have about this. if i donate to crossroads gp
. >>> taking charge. let's play "hardball." >>> president obama showed who was boston. the boss is the one who can fire you and fire someone he did. the head of the irs is out. obama said he was asked for his resignation and he gave it. so now it's time to head into the bows of that tax agency and find out who else thought it was a great idea to tilt government's case against people on one side of the political spectrum and leave the others off the hook. tonight in this second edition of
of the reince priebus charge that he, personally, barack obama, inspired the the people over there at the irs to target the tea party? jay carney is the white house press secretary. jay, thanks so much for coming on. it's a hot time of the year for everybody. especially you. what do you make of this irs thing? i mean, i believe, i'll just put my cards on the table, if the american people know that the same people that did this thing targeting the tea party people over there and the patriot groups are still there a year from now, they're not going to believe it's been cleaned up. what's the president's view? >> well, chris, as you heard from the president, both last night and again today, he has taken direct action in response to the report issued by the inspector general. secretary lew asked for and accepted the resignation of the acting irs commissioner. the president is nominating or putting forward a new acting irs commissioner. he is instructing everyone involved in this to make sure we get all of the facts that underlie the i.g. report. he's made clear that the behavior, the conduct docu
could make a huge difference in medication costs under president barack obamas health-care law. to keep premiums low, some states are allowed insurers to charge patients a large share of the calls for expensive medications for cancer and other serious condition. in california, the patient share would be up to 30% for the specialty drugs, which costs thousands of dollars a month. some states like new york are setting flat company payments for all medications with a high as $70. critics fear most is will follow california's lead. >> a partisan central mexico are setting up shelters as they prepare for possible corruption of the volcano near mexico city. officials close off a seven square mile zone around the volcano. soldiers and federal police have also been deployed to the area. activity increased over the weekend at the 17,000 ft. volcano. it's a saturday night, sometimes doing blowing rock over the crater. >> we will be right back. medications? i don't know. last immunization shots? really? honey, what's my blood pressure medicine called? one time i took something and i blew up like a
away. president obama tried to ffwhat the president says about charges of coverup. plus o.j. simpson back in court seeking a new trial. why the disgraced former football star says a judge should throw out his current conviction. so will o.j. take the stand? that's coming up as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news as fox reports live tonight. it, we set up our call center right here... [ chirp ] all good? [ chirp ] getty up. seriously, this is really happening! [ cellphone rings ] hello? it's a giant helicopter ma'am. [ male announcer ] get it done [ chirp ] with the ultraugged ocera torque, only from sprint direct conct. buy one get four free for your business. can youtart the day the way you want? can orenci(abatacept) help? could your "i want" become "i can"? talk to your rheumatologist. orencia reduces many ra symptoms like pain, morning stiffness and the progression of joint damage. it's helped new ra patients and those not helped enough by other treatments. do not take orencia with another biologic medicine for ra due to an increased risk of serious infecti
do. when i was on talk radio, i did it. but it hurts the cause of people who believe the obama administration is corrupt to throw out all of these unsubstantiated charges. >> you be substantiated is one thing. when you have a core of facts, whether it's on benghazi and what you're seeing with the irs. >> tell me what we have on the irs that links it to president obama. >> we don't have anything that likes him directly yet, but this is at the very beginning of the story. >> and it should be investigated thoroughly. the conversation is as it was with president nixon, president clinton, do we have a pattern of behavior? >> there is a pattern of behavior, is there not? >> the question is how high up does the pattern go? does it extend to the secretary of state and the president? where do you draw the line? the investigation that pickering did along with mike mull sglns stop with the pickering business. >> i'm glad you reminded me. >> wait a minute. >> no, no, no. react to this. roll the pickering tape for colmes. >> i had thomas pickering, the ambassador who co-chaired the accounta
obama spoke out on the irs scandal over charges that it singled out conservative groups and targeted them for extra scrutiny. the president announced the acting commission of the irs was fired and the president promised his administration will work with congress to make sure nothing like this happens again. listen. >> i've reviewed the treasury department watchdog's report, and the misconduct that it uncovered is inexcusable. it's inexcusable and americans have a right to be angry about it and i am angry about it. i will not tolerate this kind of behavior in any agency, but especially in the irs. given the power that it has and the reach that it has in all of our lives. and as i said earlier, it should not matter what political stripe you're from. the fact of the matter is, the irs has to operate with absolute integrity. the government generally has to conduct itself in a way that is true to the public trust. that's especially true for the irs. >> also today, the white house released more than 100 pages of e-mail correspondence, showing how officials came up with a response that beng
in charge of the tax exempt division, sarah hall-ingram, three names, was promoted to run the irs office responsible for obama care. we can agree that's the greatest thing ever. speaking of bad situations, look what happened to my cousin carl this week. this is still carl. he did this last week. that's how you found me. >> exactly. >> now we have a carl. don't take my job, carl. >> carl's the new repulsive side kick. this is a big question and a serious question. would we have a president mitt if this scandal had happened in september? my source, which is my mouth, says yes. >> first of all, let me say congratulations to lisa meyers for even raising that question. what's she still doing at that network? she's a great reporter. i think this is a campaign story. it's about winning the election. i think it should be seen through that lens. i don't know if romney would have been elected but i think this would have been the central scandal of last year had this come out. and by the way, miller is a liar. he lied to congress and he was totally unrepentant about it. federal employees more likel
charged irs scandal. president obama forcing the agency's acting commissioner out. are more heads about to roll? you're watching "starting point." tuscan, romana, and mediterranean style varieties. just mix it in... ...and take play to new places. three cans in every pack. new beneful medley's. as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios ♪ the one and only, cheerios >>> god dang it. sun of a gun. we have to go check on those people. >> tornadoes tear through texas, killing at least six people. injuring 100 others. homes thatened, neighborhoods gone. >> first on cnn, their integrity has been questioned, accused of lying, now the two men responsible for the independent state department review on the benghazi attack demanding a public hearing to clear their names. will congress listen? >> rebranding abercrombie and fitch. a man behind a new viral video campaign, blasting the company for targeting only skinny and attractive people, giving their clothes to the homeless. good morning, i'm christine romans. >> i'm
'm tracy burns with the fox business brief. president obama diving into the controversy over charges the i.r.s. targeted conservative groups. came in a news conference earlier this hour with the british prime minister cameron. >> if, in fact, i.r.s. personnel engaged in the kind of practices that have been reported on, and were intentionally targeting conservative groups, then that's outrageous. and there's no place for it. >> federal advisory council warns growth in student loan debt parallels the housing crisis. the mortgage lending boom went upwards. student loan debt is now hovering nearly $1 trillion mark. that's the latest from the fox business network giving you the power to prosper. ers became the first in flight. [ goodall ] i think the most amazing thing is how like us these chimpanzees are. [ laughing ] [ woman ] can you hear me? and you hear your voice? oh, it's exciting! [ man ] touchdown confirmed. we're safe on mars. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ hi. [ baby fussing ] ♪ dennis: does someone to go? a new business reality show. frustrated bosses hand over control of their compa
shake up the obama administration big-time. >> it's going to be explosive. explosive. indeed. these are big, big charges. >> the dam is about to break on benghazi. it will make you mad. >> stephen: it's going to make me mad? oh, i feel like a kid on christmas eve who is about to get the bike he asked for... and it's on fire. so, just what are these whistle blowers going to say? >> we don't know what these guys are actually going to say. >> stephen: folks, this is the best possible kind of political story. we have no idea what's in it and it's going to be explosive. it's the taco bell of breaking news. so, jim,... ( cheers and applause ). i can make a run for the border. so, jim, let's start the benghazi count down to something that will make you mad clock. folks, it is great. it is win-win because if tomorrow i don't learn something that makes me mad, i will be furious. now, folks,... ( cheers and applause ). excuse me a moment. oh, hi there. i'm just trying out my new google glasses. i had to make my own because sergey brin, the cofounder of google, didn't send me a pair. no
to benghazi, mr. obama defiantly rebutted charges that his administration initially down played the attack had ties to terrorism. calling it a circus. >> the whole issue of talking points frankly throughout this process has been a sideshow. >> now, hearings on benghazi and that investigation will continue later this week. it may not be public, as the committee that's been investigating this, matt, wants to interview the two investigators. the state department, mike mullen and tom victory, who did the state department review because most importantly they want to find out why was hillary clinton, then secretary of state, never interviewed during that investigation. >> chuck todd at the white house this morning. thank you very much. >>> there are new clues in the cleveland kidnapping case this morning regarding how the suspect may have hidden three young ladies so long. as new video emerges of ariel castro inside that home. today, national correspondent, jeff rossen is in cleveland once again. good morning. >> reporter: hey, matt, good morning. ariel castro waking up once again this morning in th
to tell what was going on. also, the guy -- president obama is putting in charge of the entire irs, it's interesting, he's only going to be serve not guilty that position through september. so he's going to clean up the irs in the next three months? i don't understand why somebody would take this huge job -- there he is, also the president said he didn't think it was important enough to have a special counsel to investigate the irs. i find that very interesting. >> brian: talked to senator manchin and he said this reminds him of the epa. he said coal companies that he represents in west virginia, they've also been targeted with an aggressive regulatory regulation. i think that's why this thing could get a lot bigger. the irs, epa, it seems very similar. >> steve: you know what? you've got debt and taxes now under the same umbrella of sorts. meanwhile, it's interesting because there is a guy who runs umbrella group for over 200 tea party organizations out in ohio. he says that big media has actually apologized to him. his name is tom. he coordinated for 233 tea party groups in ohio. he
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the tax exempt division at the irs is now in charge of the department handling healthcare law. obama care. wendell goler live outside the white house. wendell, you might say this is the worst timing possible foren because it's likely to help republicans trying to repeal obama care but a different timing may actually be good for sarah hall ingraham who is the woman who once ran the irs tax exempt office that's accused of singling out tea party groups for extra scrutiny. turns out ms. ingraham went over to her obama care position the one she now holds in 2010 six months before the tea party crack down was discovered by the person who replaced her in her new job. she will be responsible for making sure working people buy insurance and are provided with government subsidies if they can't provide it. still republicans don't like the idea offer putting her in that post she provided horrendous public service under her watch and now she is going to do the same thing under obama care. swell. this is a perfect example of why we need tax reform. >> actually, republicans don't want anyone in that mos
be in charge of obama care? what do you say to in this morning? >> i will say what iay. i'm telling the aman eople right now. wake up. light up the phones. the switch boards he white house. your congressional representatives. your senate representatives. demand that they look into this. listen, you n't vote incompetence my goodness, affordable care act the access that they are going to he to ivate information. oh good lord. we have seen enough of this. this has been a movie that's played way too long. it's time for us to command as american people have a right to do. this is a government of the people, by the people for the people demand, folks, that get the kind of government that the founders promised us. it's up to it us individual citizens to demand it of the people we pay represent us to do the job. u don't promote people for doing a bad job. you don't promote people for incompetent. agency where the actingan chairman says we dousy job. we give cmufer service. my go we he failed so y ways we're sor you sit on the other side ofthe desk from these ks when you try saying i'm sorry. i didn'
that president obama doesn't know these i.r.s. people does him no good. the u.s. government serves the people and he is the one in charge. when the cincinnati office of the i.r.s. goes rogue, it's his job to show who is boss. why didn't he jump on it. taking charge. this president and his democrat alies need to show they own the i.r.s. story. and finally, told you so. the writers said again and again the government is no good. does this ineptitude from targeting the tea party to targeting the "associated press" cause for mitch mcconnell to grab control of the senate. i'm chris matthews. th us today, howard fineman, gloria borger, hunt hunt and -- kasie hunt, david ignatius. they may have resonated out in the country this week, passive, leading from behind. the opponents have ramped it up to challenge the president's very integrity. here is the republican chairman of the house ways and means committee on friday charging a white house culture of cover-ups. >> it seems like the truth is hidden from the american people just long enough to make it through an election. the american people have a ri
sandra -- president obama seized by controversy. the u.s. attorney general has ordered an investigation into the matter. a secret review of phone records from the associated press has led to charges the administration is interfering with press freedom. a short time ago i discussed it with jonny dymond. a new day and a new scandal it seems at the moment. there is one hand, nothing for the white house to fear. there is no smoking gun. there is no white house involvement. these are independent agencies. on the other, there is a reason it is the administration, it does reflect back on it. i have mean not -- not seen jay carney get such a rough time since he started the job. for the whitems house, one is these kinds of scandals and issues have political energy. there is only a certain amount of that. all of the deals president obama wants to do with the rest of his agenda has to be done with the same people in congress. they are howling for his blood over the scandals. yes, it is a problem. >> he said that is not easy when you are surrounded by this kind of criticism. this issue of the irs a
you. >>> president obama will meet with the joint chiefs to deal with the ng problem of sexual assault in the military. two military officers accused of sexual misconduct both men in charge of preventing those types of crimes. we'll talk about kristen gil gillibrand, she is introducing legislation aimed at cracking down on the problem. joining us now bob schieffer. good morning. >> good morning. >> you have seen lots of second terms this one on a big political victory, wanting to do things, and then there is picture one of intrusive government and a president who seems like a bystander in his own government. >> yeah people were talking in washington. are we back to the nixon administration? this is what they did in the nixon administration. this is not the nixon administration where you have burglars and people talking about blowing up the brookings institution. this is more of a case is anybody home? all of a sudden you have this thing with the justice department. they are over there getting all these phone records of all of the reporters, the attorney ge
these conservative groups is also in charge of the irs? of obama care and enforcing obama care? >> that's right. sarah hall ingram is her name. i asked several officials, is that a position she will retain going forward? it has policy implications and political implications, and republicans will shift the irs question, not just from past practices, which the president calls inforgivable, but what the irs will do with the implementation of the health care law. this woman, sarah hall ingram, there in the very position of implementing the irs supervision and gathering of fees or taxes under obama care is there, she will be a political target for republicans, and a juice ooh one at that. >>> the government temporarily ross track of former terrorists allowed into the witness protection program. the justice department inspector general says the d.o.j., department of justice, failed to provide names for the no-fly list and some were allowed to travel on commercial flights. the problem has been nfixed, bu says a small but significant number made it through. >>> a 30-year-old frn uzbekistan charged with
was in charge while people were targeted for political ideologies and is now in charge of that portion of the irs, the obama care part of the irs how do we know that our sensitive health information is safe there? will it be exploited? will we be discriminated against again based on our health? these are life and death decisions, not just tax questions. >> geraldo: you are fearful she would breech the most basic confidences and use your health information for political purposes as well? >> she was in charge. i don't know if she personally did it or not at the irs but she was in charge and if she is in charge again how you do we know. there is no possible way to know or to trust this woman. to know that she is not going to be in charge of another breech of confidence and confidential information. it is very serious. >> geraldo: and penny nance, your basic position is that this has been going on in democratic administrations since the '90s? >> absolutely. concerned women for america has a 501 c 3 and c4. from 1993 to 2000 my organization was targeted and harassed. the same kind of simila
touchy for the obama white house, the woman who used to be in charge of the tax exempt division, sarah hall ingram, has a new job, and republicans are jumping all over it. take a look. >> turns out that the irs official who oversaw the operation that's under scrutiny for targeting conservatives is now in charge of the irs's obamacare office. you can't make this stuff up. >> chris: brit with public doubts according to the polls growing about obamacare as it gets closer to implementation, this isn't going to help. >> no. think about what 84 going miller said on the hill the other day when asked why why he's on his way out, and he said he wasn't personally involved in doing this, didn't bring this about, but has to be held accountable for it. well, if he does, presumably she does. her promotion into this new and increasingly important job is a little hard to defend it seems to me. i don't see how it could be sustained. she may have known nothing about all this, but it was happening on her watch in a unit which she supervised. if he's gone, she should be gone. >> chris: 30 seconds. >> dan
president obama signed in january which addresses sexual assault will hold commanders responsible. >> vaught: i think those steps will be very helpful, because we put on record when someone's been charged, and it won't be forgotten. there's going to be a record, that even though they escaped with no penalty the first time, the second time it comes, you're going to dig into it to see what the truth really is. >> some 26,000 service men and women were victims of sexual assault last year. both sanchez and vaught say alcohol is often the culprit. >> congresswoman norton, are targets of sexual assault in the military, men and women, abusing alcohol and getting themselves in trouble? >> bonnie, as long as a woman or man is able to say "no," the cause of sexual assault always belongs with the perpetrator. >> of course in the military or civilian population one sexual assault is one sexual assault too many. this is a shadow on our military. >> the military culture has been turning a blind eye to obvious acts. >> i don't like to see the numbers have increased and the military still hasn't gotten its
york. >> from hero to suspect a former philadelphia police officer has been charged with sex crimes. 27-year-old richard was once called a hero by president obama for chasing down a suspect even after being shot in the face. he retired on disability two years ago but is now facing two charges of rape and sexual is off. meanwhile the f.b.i. and other law enforcement are executeing a search warrant in the case of wo letters containing ricin. officials in hazmat suits searched a neighborhood near spoe cane. no word on whether the police have named any suspects. there have been no reports of illnesses in connection to those letters. >> and still ahead the aye dream goes into the underworld of human trafficking right here in maryland. >> plus, two tornadoes sweep through central kansas. we're going to have a look at that damage. wow. hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. >> more reports of severe weather this morning, this time in the plains states. weather chasers caught up with two tornadoes in kansas and yo
president obama as health care law. to keep premiums low, some states are allowing insurers to charge patients a large share of the cost per cent of medications for cancer and other serious conditions. in california, the patients' share would be up to 30% for these " specialty drugs ", which cost thousands of dollars a month. some states like new york are setting flat co-payments for all medications with the highest at $70. critics of the president's plan fear most states will follow california's lead and charge patients a percentage. >> james: the president and the prime minister cameron of the united kingdom are moments away from holding a joint press conference from the white house. it is a schedule for a 15. their meeting today is expected to several issues including the syrian civil war, the made east peace process, and trade between the two countries. as for the issue of syria, both countries are urging russia to increase pressure on syrian leader basha bashar assad. in fact, prime minister can read held talks friday with russian president, vladimir putin to discuss a political
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